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Have you ever noticed
the world
through sunglasses

How everything just seems
darker somehow
less vibrant

It's like looking through
foreign eyes
ignorant maybe

Unaware of the all the colors
blooming and glowing
all around

I wonder if it's the same
as the eyes
of prejudice

If it's the same
as the eyes
of injustice

Blind to the beauty
all around
blooming and glowing

Set in the way of one
shaded mind
unaccepting of difference

I hope to never find myself
stuck there
unaware of the light

Unaware of being unaware
like having never
taken the sunglasses off

Maybe one day we can
coax the glasses
off of the world

And maybe one day
we'll all see
through clear eyes

And maybe one day
find and understand
the loviness
of contrast
of color
of sex
of sexuality
of difference


Kiss Me

I wake up some mornings
and roll over in my sheets
expecting you
to walk through my door
and press into my lips
the sweetest kiss

You're always so gently
with my face in your hands
waiting on
your soft mouth
to take mine

I feel like sugar
to my lips, my tongue
and your skin
brushes against
mine leaving chills in my spine
you smile

Kiss me lover
you need me
i'll always
need you


Show Me Who I AM

I've missed you my dear
my love
your razor fingers trailing
down me
my love
my dear
I've missed you
my blackbird
your piercing eyes
on me
my dear
my demon
Oh how i've missed you
judge me lover
polishing your black halo
my darling
smelling my skin like an animal
in heat
do you hunger my love
I hunger for you
for your hated
hand on my throat
my hunter
bring me down with steely arrows
in my back
my heart
fill my lungs with blood
descend on me
my love
my demon
never let me be and i will
always be yours
my hunter
love me my demon
as I have loved you
bring me down
bring me down


The Rock

I used to feel
like I was a rock
strong unbending
in the relentless wind
I thought was life
I THOUGHT was life
until the day
I met the waves
standing proud as ever
in the surf
watching the water creep in
towards me with the tide
lovely blue ocean
deep and unflinching
it came at me sweetly
at first
but as the water rose
and my feet dispeared within
I saw what life really was
And ever since i've beared it
the waves, the wind
chipping into me,
stealing little pieces of me
and I wait for the day,
that I will tumble into the sea
as others have done
long before me, surrendering
to its power, its love,
its hatred,
it's power, it's love,
it's hatred
I used to feel like a rock
strong for those around me,
those who clung to me
and though I still stand
against the tide, I feel my feet
slowly slipping away with the sand,
I'd never tell them, those who hold
onto me, those who rely on me
the day I disappear will be quiet,
normal, and they will leave
as people do,
to find a new rock to cling to
to love
to hope with
but we all fall in the end
we all disappear into the tide
what defines us, is if we are missed
when we are gone



Sticky and thick
the smell hung in the air
with a vengeance that suggested
it would never smell like
anything else
I smiled
stroking his arm
feeling him breath against me
moonlight kissing him
where my lips had been
slipping over his skin like silk
the cold New York air
slid through the window
causing my flesh to tighten
clinging to him for warmth
he obliged
his arms pulling me closer
surrendering to my sleepy prodding
stifling a satisfied laugh
I closed my eyes
taking it all in
if only we could have stayed like that
his fingers in my hair
my hands on his chest
breathing that beautiful New York air
and let the rest of the world just
while the moonlight bathed us in light
soft and fresh
where nothing could harm us
but at least we could have that moment
i whispered into his ear
I love you
and let sleep take me as it had
taken him
to a peace we could share
until the velvet night
would seduce us again
to bring that sticky thick smell
back to his room
I smiled as sleep began to
overcome me
goodnight lover
until tomorrow



It coarsed all around them
wrapping them in its beautiful glow
a silky warmth
They smiled at each other the knowing smile
of weathered lovers
a life force
a glimmering hope
they called it love
and they commanded it in ways only
other could dream about
eyes playing on each others skin
watching the light dance, the invisible glitter
coating a film to their bodies
They held each other as the wind picked up
covering them, hiding them from the world
to simply let them be
maybe one day the others would
see what they'd done
but for now
they were happy to know the love
between them was strong,
pure and everlasting
and as the wind died down
they lay in arms warm and comforting
breathing in the calming air of anothers love
of each others love
and the film protected them for now
as they reached towards forever brushing it
with fingertips
smiling the smile of weathered lovers
falling asleep together
forever and ever they would bear this wind
for love



They lay beneath the trees
hand held tight entwined
in blades of grass
but they found no happiness here
legs crossed and eyes staring
at the branches bobbing and tossing
like angry dragon's heads
intent on blood
an absense of words led
to the bitter silence of rustling leaves
and the hum of dragon flies over water

They clung to eachother
fingers grasping skin
and memories
trying to keep this love
from dying between them
in the fading summer grass
but silence made it impossible
each moment slipped away
like words unspoken in the wind
watching each other
from the corners of their unsure eyes

The sun began to set
breathing a sigh of silent releaf they rose
sitting now in the dusty pink glow
of the summer dusk
eyes still staring at nothing
there was nothing to say
they were letting it die a slow
silent death and now
with the last warmth of the summer day
they exchanged a wordless goodbye
and kissed eachother to Autumn

Tans and freckles fading as
they abandoned that hillside
where their summer love would
lie in dying grass all winter long
to watch the moon wax and wane
and take their lives in it's stride
for nothing is like a first love
and the trees, the water, the sun itself
stood still to catch the last of its warmth
before it too faded away with the dusk


It was cold, harsh, steel
pushing against every nerve
every sour taste bud
causing tears to swell
crashing to the ground with
an intensity I obviously lacked
oh sweet release I begged
bruise my face with that
angry blood spitting back
into the gaping chamber
where my death
now resided
and then it would be over
I would find out who
God really is
maybe unless the
catholics are right
fires of hell swallow me whole
filling me veins with
the dark of hatred and malice
more release than this poisoned world
and then



It was a disdainfully cold morning
as steam swept across their platform
the stage for their scene of parting
a soldier leaving his sweetheart
"wait for me" he whispers
always is said without words
as though a language could disguise
itself through the softest lover's kisses
in the salty trail of tears sliping
down to that shirt he adores
she clings to him
that uniform making him look all
the man she knows he is
A last wave parts them for now
with the promise or always
written in the steam still clinging to her jeans



He opened his eyes to a nothingness
where had this come from a numbness
seeped through him from heart to fingers
and toes
making those blows more present
in this empty space
had he imagined that embrace
that she had loved him
that they had been them
her words tearing him open
her face unsoftened in the moonlight
spitting a goodbye in his face
crude like the place
he now found himself seeing
a being touching her
moving in perfect form
to steal her away with poison
flawless in his quest
of selfishness
in her stupidity
she followed with no pity
for those left in her
destructrive wake
allowing him to make his move
while the other watched heplessly
as she was perfectly entranced
with those lies
bringing him the worst tasting
surprise of goodbyes
he wished her dead
lying in a bed a million miles away
one she was afraid
to let him sleep in
so she set him "free"
as she had been to told
to be somewhere new
that flew over white capped peaks
and her heart was lost in its return
to burn in hell
so she accepted this fate
and let that great love
slip away
with a poison promise clinging to
her selfish lips bringing her the pain
she knew she well deserved